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If you are here to collect the project that we have been working on and have your password already, then skip this section and proceed right over to the side bar and click on the relevant title for your project to enter your password and open up the page.  Your page is listed under the heading,”Clients and Projects”

If you are here on a referral to collect information for your own research, or are an interested party who wishes to have a copy [at the approval of the owner of the original information] and do not yet have a password, you will need to receive one by filling out the form below.  Please fill out all the required fields, being sure to let us know about of your interest in this project and your association with the owner of the content.  Your form will be submitted directly to us by email and we will have a read out of your contact information and message.  Please take the time to let us know how you happened to hear about us.  Ideas or thoughts about projects that you would like to see us working on are always greatly appreciated.  We will be checking our email daily, and as soon as we see that you are requesting a password, we will email you back a personal message containing your password.  We will also send your all of our contact information, including addresses and phone numbers.  We can correspond back and forth from that point.  Rest assured that none of your information will be shared with any other parties in any way, and we would never put you on a mailing list unless for some reason you personally requested it in writing.  These client project pages are password protected to insure the privacy of the persons to whom they belong, and to help protect copyright information.  Thank you for your understanding.

All file pages are located in the right side bar, just below below the small mail box, and listed in the order that they are posted, under the heading, “Client and Site Content”.  Look for the title you are seeking there…..

Please proceed now to the form [located below] so we can send your password to you. You will need to have this password to open your personal content page.  If you would like to post a comment after filling out this form, you are certainly welcome to do so……

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