Florence Elsman Family Movies

This content will be continually updated, please check this page often (make sure to refresh your browser).

I have divided the content into sections. Each section will contain the downloadable films that has been finished. This will make it easy to keep coming back for more copies. Just download the mp4’s unless unless you need a flash video for the web. I am not including that format for any movies besides the first two anyway. In the future we can decide if we would like these to be under protected content on You Tube, but this would have to be discussed first.

This information is for family members and other interested parties. Please send an email to: Mark Elsman Pierce and let me know, that the information has been successfully downloaded, and any other questions or comments that you may have.

Introduction:  Content uploaded on June 17, 2012

This introduction contains a ten and a half minute composite of clips from the two movies in Section 1 that contain just footage of the ranch, towns and surrounding countryside.

Please read the IMPORTANT information on the proper way to download video contained in Section 1.

Here is the link to download the movie, “Early History of the San Antonio Ranch.”

  • To download the mp4 version (which is 163 MB.) rendered in H.264 You Tube SD 640 X 480 of the movie Early History of the San Antonio Ranch just click on the words:————–>  Download San Antonio Ranch.mp4

This concludes the content contained in the Introduction,  Please continue to Section 1 and look for more sections that will follow as movies are uploaded. Sincerely, Mark Pierce…… ______________________________________________________________________________

SECTION 1 Content uploaded on May 25, 2012.

This section contains the two movies that are located on Elsman Imaging web site family page. The upper movie titled, “Ralph and Florence Elsman with Ralph Elsman Jr.” and the movie below it titled, “Children and their horses Franktown, Nevada.”

Each of these two movies are in two different formats, mp4 (H.264) and a smaller copy in flv (flash format). The mp4 copy will play on a MAC or PC in QuickTime or Media Player and is very editable in any program. I included the flv in case it would be handy. Please use any parts from these movies you might need or feel free to store them with your historical information.

IMPORTANT Please read this first:  There is a trick to downloading mp4 video files from a link on a page. Use this method to make the browser download the file instead of opening it up in a window, which will happen if you click on it.

1)  Internet Explorer – right click the link and choose “save target as” this will download the file to the place of your choosing in Windows or the downloads folder in OS X.
2)  Firefox – Control click the link and choose save link as and pick a location to let it download to if you are using OS X. In Windows you can either right click and choose save link as, or alt or option click and save it to the location of your choosing.
3)  Safari – Alt or Option click the link and choose your folder in Windows or let it download to the downloads folder in OS X.

Here are the links to download the first movie, “Ralph and Florence Elsman with Ralph Elsman Jr.” (this is the movie that contains mostly footage of the young Ralph Elsman Jr. who was shot down in the Korean War in 1952 and his body never recovered).

  • To download the mp4 version (which is 742.3 MB. and will of need some time to download) click on the words:————->  DOWNLOAD REEL 1 Elsman 1927 mp4
  • To download the flv version (which is 396.6 MB.) suitable for web and some editing programs click on the words:————–>  DOWNLOAD REEL 1 Elsman 1927 flv

Here are the links to download the second movie, “Children and their horses Franktown, Nevada.” (this is the movie that contains footage mainly of the Elsman Ranch and the surrounding Washoe Valley, towns and cities).

This concludes the content contained in Section 1. I will send you an email when other sections are ready to go. Thanks for sharing your interest in history. Sincerely, Mark Pierce……….

SECTION 2: Content uploaded on February 6, 2018.

This section contains Reel 2 (1938 to 1939)  and Reel 3 (1939 to 1940 plus Miami and Eastern travels).To download the mpg version (which is 2.48 GB and will of need some time to download) click on the words:————->  DOWNLOAD REEL 2 1938 to 1939 mpg

Tonight, I added a few extras for Reel 2 and Reel 3. Two mp4 copies for both reels; and also the five movie clips that we have made so far in the m4v format to transfer directly from iTunes onto an iPhone. A very interesting thing is that the mp4 and the mv4 files will play on both on a MAC and a Windows computer just by clicking the link. This is like streaming video, no download, just click and play. Try it and see what you think!

Here are the five links containing containing the m4v movies that can be directly transferred to an iPhone:

DOWNLOAD the m4v FILES – all five movies (for iPhone only)
reel 1_part_2.m4vl
reel-1-2-3_ranch_clip_zip (this is a convenient zip file containing all five mv4 files together, but it is big – 5 GB).

Look for Section 3 in the next few months, because Beth just dropped off another reel a few days ago….


Section 3: Content uploaded on January 8, 2019.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Enjoying your site, but not downloading the movies. thanks again for all of your time and effort in organizing and formatting the family films. Has anyone else responded? I hope the family appreciates how much work you have done.

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